Paul Semel Interviews A. M. Muffaz!

In some respects, A.M. Muffaz’s novel Finches (paperback, Kindle) is a ghost story. But as they explain in the following email interview, there’s a lot more to this story, socially and politically, that makes it even scarier. https://paulsemel.com/exclusive-interview-finches-author-a-m-muffaz/ Paul Semel was kind enough… Read More ›

SHATTERED: Stories of Driesch by Julie C. Day

In another city at another time Elham would have been a respected craftsperson, a borosilicate glass blower who mastered the sweltering heat of both torch and kiln to form her own private vision of caretaker bead, memory vase, and family ring. But this is Driesch and Elham’s power, the thing that buoys her through the city’s many pitfalls, isn’t her glass work, it’s her mind.

Ka by John Crowley

The author John Crowley needs no introduction. His masterwork, Little, Big, is on Harold Bloom’s list of 100 great books, and widely credited as an influence among leading authors of our time, like Elizabeth Hand and Neil Gaiman, and his… Read More ›