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FICTION: The Night Fishers: Stories of Driesch #2 by Julie C. Day

The Night Fishers by Julie C. Day Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved http://www.vernacularbooks.com Before After three seasons in the city, Izabeth is finally visiting Driesch’s Night Market. In preparation, she’s done what she can to blend. Displaying weaknesses is never… Read More ›

Exclusive Interview with Julie C. Day by Matt Switliski

And then Joe McDermott at Vernacular Books reached out to me. He said, “I want you to be part of my anthology, The Way of the Laser, an anthology of near-future crime stories.” I’m usually not a fast writer. The idea was rather terrifying. I knew I’d need a crutch. So I went back through my Unfinished Projects folder and I grabbed my Driesch document.