Book Reviews

Aliens, Drywall, and a Unicycle by Kevin St. Jarre

In this debut from Kevin St. Jarre (Encircle Publications, November 2020) when Tom Tibbets finds himself in a small town in New Hampshire writing refrigerator news for the local rag, he realizes the people in his apartment complex are far… Read More ›

Award Nominees Reread: Would “A Year and a Day in Old Theradane” by Scott Lynch make a Good Movie?

Being late to a party doesn’t mean the party isn’t still fun. I stumbled onto Scott Lynch’s novelette while perusing the last decade of Locus and Hugo nominees (2015), and I pounded the table after reading it. This should be considered a modern classic! It’s one of the finest examples of the fantasy novelette genre, and will stay with readers for a long time. Lynch’s gorgeous writing, which created a cinematic experience for me as the reader, got me wondering how someone from Hollywood might evaluate it.

Rivers Solomon’s The Deep

This novel’s brilliant premise alone is enough to make it a must read, but I found its poetic language, and fully developed metaphors bordering on allegory, to have a mesmerizing effect as beautiful as a rolling sea.