Cover Reveal: Elana Gomel’s Nightwood

Vernacular Books is excited to reveal the cover for Elana Gomel’s forthcoming novel Nightwood! Available for pre-order at Smashwords and Amazon as an ebook now, this book is sure to delight fans of dark fantasy, horror, folktales and fairytales.

Artwork and Cover Design by Twinart Design

All fairy tales were history once.

Ally is a Ukrainian bride who married a wealthy Californian, Carl Morriss. Everything is strange in her new home: the shadowy redwoods; the peculiar neighbors; and the mystery surrounding the death of Carl’s first wife. But Ally is determined to leave her own tragic past behind and to be a good wife and a good American. 

Escaping darkness is not so easy. Ally discovers that her house is on the border of Nightwood, where fairy tales become nightmares and nightmares are real. 

Carl is abducted, and Ally follows him into the land where the Red, Black, and White Horsemen drag the sun in their wake. There, Little Mother takes her prisoner, and Ally is forced to labor in a filthy farmyard filled with deformed human livestock. But the ghoulish Little Mother is not the most terrifying creature in Nightwood. The Ogre, squatting in the Castle with no Windows, is poised to invade our world. He has Carl; and he wants Ally. To save her husband and the world, she’ll have to brave the horrors of Nightwood and face the truth of her past.

Nightwood will be released on October 4th, 2022.

Elana Gomel has taught and researched English literature and cultural studies at Tel-Aviv University, Princeton, Stanford, Venice International University and the University of Hong Kong. She is currently dividing her time between California and Tel-Aviv. She speaks three languages and has two children. She is the author of five academic books and numerous peer-reviewed articles on posthumanism, science fiction, Victorian literature and serial killers. Her fantasy, horror and science fiction stories appeared in Apex Magazine, New Horizons, The Fantasist, Timeless Tales, New Realms, Alien Dimensions, and others. Her stories were also featured in several award-winning anthologies, including Zion’s Fiction, Apex Book of World Science Fiction, and People of the Book. Her first fantasy novel A Tale of Three Cities came out in 2013, and her standalone novella “Dreaming the Dark” was published in 2017. 2018 saw the publication of her dark fantasy novel The Hungry Ones and her first collection of short stories Un/home.

When not busy writing or teaching, she can be found on the plane, heading for Norway, Cambodia or Hong Kong in search of new monsters.

Find out more about them here and don’t forget to pre-order!

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