Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam’s collection Where You Linger will be coming out on July 11 of this year!

“Haunting and compassionate. From sentient animal skeletons to phantoms to imperfect androids, Stufflebeam’s deft explorations of love, memory, and grief will phase through your skin and shake your soul. By turns heartbreaking and even humorous, Where You Linger is a place where the impossible holds conversations with your secrets. A welcome entry to a flourishing tradition of fabulist short fiction in the vein of Kelly Link and Aimee Bender.” — Sequoia Nagamatsu, author of How High We Go in the Dark 

“These stories are a yearning kiss at the edge of a cliff, a peer into grief’s shadow, an uneasy laugh at apparitions coming clear. Stufflebeam’s voice is undaunted guide in a wilderness of whispering bones and lingering dreams that will not release the visitor. Do not turn away from this journey, but embrace the ache and wonder and thirst they bring.”
Andrew S. Fuller, Editor, Three-Lobed Burning Eye magazine

“Heartbreakingly haunting, Where You Linger, is Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam’s testament to the ghost of the relationships that never quite leave you. The stories themselves are human in their complexity, leaving the ghosts of family, relationships, breakups, and loss behind in their wake. “

Jordan Kurella, author of When I Was Lost (Journalstone) and I Never Liked You Anyway (Vernacular Books)

Journey to the liminal space with acclaimed author, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, where stories take place everywhere and nowhere, among the dead and the living, and in times yet to be. Bones of extinct species wander the edges of a campground, stalking their friends. An avenging assassin changes faces and finds they no longer exist. Couples fall in and out of something, a feeling that perhaps doesn’t have a name, yet. In the town of Agape, the people who leave don’t like to talk about it.

This collection of stories will stay with you a long time.

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The cover design was a collaboration between the photographer Ellie Alonzo, and Nissa McCormick of ElfElmLLC.

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