Cover Reveal for Queen of Fury by Natania Barron

Natania Barron has followed up on her award winning and critically acclaimed novel Queen of None with a stunning sequel entitled Queen of Fury.

The age of Merlin is over, and one by one the kings of Braetan bow to High King Arthur under a banner of peace.

For Hwyfar, eldest daughter of King Leodegraunce, obedience has never been so easy. Once the famed libertine of Carelon, her return to Avillion has left her in emotional shambles: her father whittled down by dementia, the court in the throes of a shadowy threat, and a usurper poised to take the throne. Haunted by her sister’s death and plagued by her own addictions, Hwyfar reluctantly takes the mantle of Queen Regent to help prevent the kingdom from falling into chaos. But first, she needs an army; and to do so, she must make a deal with the very man who jilted her: King Arthur himself.

Arthur pledges a force of his own knights to Hwyfar’s aid, providing she select one of the knights from among their number, marry, and surrender the crown of Avillion. Convinced she can while her way out of the promise, as rules have never applied to her, she agrees, and prepares to confront her foe directly.

She does not, however, prepare for Gawain of Orkney. The captain of Arthur’s forces at first raises her hackles, but she soon discovers the weathered warrior is not the man she remembered from the brutal tilting fields of Carelon. As her own magical abilities begin manifesting, posing a threat to the peace and her own future, Hwfyar finds herself irrevocably driven toward Gawain, which would make for a story for the songs, save that Arthur has commanded Gawain keep well away from her.

In King Arthur’s court, without the monarch’s blessing, love is treason.

Hwyfar and Gawain must navigate both the supernatural world, full of ancient forests and corrupt magic, and the ever-tightening grasp of Arthur if they have any hope of saving Avillion and themselves.

Queen of Fury is a fantasy adventure across the famed Isle of Avillion about the price of magic, the bonds of family, the echoes of trauma, and those who are brave enough to walk side-by-side into the unknown.

Fury Reigns on December 6, 2022.

Cover design by Natania Barron

Praise for Queen of None:

“…a layered, engaging retelling sure to please fans of the Arthurian tales.” — Publishers Weekly “A captivating look at the intriguing figures in King Arthur’s golden realm.” –Kirkus Reviews

” … a masterpiece of modern Arthuriana… heartbreaking and beautiful.” —Paul Jessup, author of Close Your Eyes

“Barron’s take on Arthurian legend gets readers exactly where they expect to be in the end, yet will leave them with entirely new insight on how they reached that point.” –Frances Moritz, Booklist

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