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We are pleased to announce the launch of FINCHES, a debut novella by A. M. Muffaz, that explores a haunted house in rural Malaysia, and the family ghosts residing there.

Already, the book is a huge success! Publisher’s Weekly gave it a STARRED REVIEW

Kirkus loved it, too. They praised it’s lyrical writing, and ended with a solid endorsement: “A surprising and insightful horror tale”

Maria Alexander, winner of multiple Bram Stoker Awards, said over on her instagram “Step over the threshold of Grandmother Jah’s home and meet the ghosts of a murder so gruesome it violates both souls and soil. But those are not the only ghosts that haunt her and her family in this harrowing novella by A.M. Muffaz. Set in Malaysia where polygamy is still practiced, the story reveals the modern struggles of women and LGBTQ folk in the stranglehold of a religious patriarchal society. I love Afi’s blend of chilling yet heartrending imagery as she creates the old home, the family members both living and dead, and the trauma caused by their father and culture. Bravo, Afi! This novella is incredibly special.”

Theresa Frohock, of LOS NEFILIM fame, said on Twitter: “a sublime story that will stay with you long after you put it down. Ghosts and a haunted family make for an intricate tale that is simultaneously surreal and gut-wrenching.” and gave it five stars at GoodReads!

This gorgeous and lyrical debut by A.M. Muffaz shares a family’s story about their ghosts in an abandoned house in a Malaysian village. Grandmother Jah is determined to return to her estranged husband’s house years after a brutal murder. Her children and her granddaughter work together to clear out the remnants of the former residents.

But, they’re still there, lingering in the dead garden and musty, old rooms. Grandmother Jah will not surrender her home to the man that did so much harm in life. Her son, his boyfriend, her daughter, and granddaughter, all must join her in the effort to cleanse the old family home.

But it now!

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Afi Muffaz can be found celebrating her book launch at her local bookstore, so if you’re around AlleyCat Bookstore, in San Francisco, go head by and celebrate!

10/09/2021 – Launch party and reading at Alley Cat Books, 6PM.

The story is set in rural Malaysia, and the author was kind enough to put together a basic guide to Malaysia for curious readers that would like more cultural context for this spooky haunted house story.

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