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We love to see reviews of our books posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, personal blogs, Facebook pages — even just a quick note on Twitter! The most helpful thing any reader can do for an author is to tell other people about the book! For independent presses, like us, there is nothing else that helps us more. So, to all of the reader reviewers, my deepest thanks. I’d like to point out some of our reader reviews, in particular, because it looks like we’ve got some very happy readers, out there, and maybe you’d be interested in reading the books, too!

Over at Amazon, Peter S Fales gave Velocity Blues FIVE OUT OF FIVE stars, and said this:

Two of my favorite genres are Science Fiction and Mysteries. This books checks both of those boxes, but come at it in ways that are a bit different from a lot of other books in those categories. For example, mystery protagonists are often geniuses that use their attention to detail and sharp focus to draw their conclusions. Exactly the opposite of our hero, Zip. Medical advances usually benefit SF characters by turning them into heroes, unlike Zip and his fellow “fleas” that become societal outcasts. A great read that kept me engaged from beginning to end.

Over on GoodReads, Kat Duggar wrote a review of The Silence That Binds, by Paul Jessup, also praising it with FIVE STARS, and she has this to say:

This was such a fascinating book, from beginning to end. I’m not a “women can be heroes, too” person, but this was so nice to see not just the main character, but most of the strong characters being women. Badass women at that. Every emotion these characters felt, jumped off the page, and I reacted in kind. I couldn’t stop turning pages (even if it was on a tablet). At one point, I mentioned to Jessup that a character reminded me of Polonius from Hamlet. That was just from how the character spoke. However, he definitely had the feel throughout his part in the book. You really need to read this book

Remember to post reviews! If you’ve read any of our books, we’d appreciate you taking a moment to let other people know about it!

Thanks, reviewers! We really appreciate your help!

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