Cover Art by Irra Vinokur, Design by Nissa McCormick of ElfElmLLC


A. M. Muffaz


Release Date: October 1, 2021

Every family has a ghost story.

This gorgeous and lyrical debut by A.M. Muffaz shares a family’s story about their ghosts in an abandoned house in a Malaysian village. Grandmother Jah is determined to return to her estranged husband’s house years after a brutal murder. Her children and her granddaughter work together to clear out the remnants of the former residents. But, they’re still there, lingering in the dead garden and musty, old rooms. 

Grandmother Jah will not surrender her home to the man that did so much harm in life. Her son, his boyfriend, her daughter, and granddaughter, all must join her in the effort to cleanse the     old family home.

Vernacular Books is proud to present this novella debut from a rising star in the realm of imaginative fiction. 

A.M. Muffaz is a Malaysian writer based in San Francisco. Her short

stories and poetry have previously appeared in magazines on and offline,

including The Dark , ChiZine and Fantasy Magazine. She whiles away her

days with a husband who is way too kind as he is tall and a food

inspector cat who speaks in pirate. When not reading obsessively

difficult books, she is probably thinking about obsessively difficult

things. She enjoys history, video games, anime, manga and cute, fluffy

animals. Oh, and murder. Because some murders are clearly more

delightful than others. More about her writing can be found at:

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