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Based in France, Jason Marc Harris’ story of occult puppetry, Master of Rods and Strings, has impressed the likes of Thomas Ligotti, Tangent Online’s Victoria Silverwolf, and many other authors. Now, you get a chance to win a signed a copy before you can buy it!

“The story begins quietly, and slowly develops a growing sense of horror, reaching a truly apocalyptic climax. The setting, several locations throughout France, is vividly realized. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this expertly crafted tale of terror is the way in which the narrator changes from an ordinary boy into a man capable of performing great evil in his quest for revenge.” Victoria Silverwolf, Tangent Online

“Boundlessly unique and charmingly strange, Jason Marc Harris’ Master of Rods and Strings is a breakneck tale of occult puppetry and the toll of seeking revenge. What a cracklingly compelling book. I can’t get it out of my head.” —Robert James Russell, author of Mesilla and Sea of Trees

“Strange and compelling, Master of Rods and Strings is a fantastic foray into the realm of occult puppetry. Like Patrick Suskind’s Perfume, this book is memorable for its vivid sensory detail and portrayal of an obsessive protagonist exploring an arcane world.” —Susan Hubbard, author of the Ethical Vampire Series

“A magically unnerving tale of loyalty, artistic passion, and revenge that digs into your skin and pulls you through the back alleys of period France. Harris assuredly directs his characters with the precision of a puppeteer through this fever dream of a novella.” Sequoia Nagamatsu, author of Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone

“Jason Marc Harris’s Master of Rods and Strings is a masterful work the likes of which I have not read in many years. Among its other admirable qualities, it is an adept exemplar of the novella, a literary form peculiarly suited to tales of dark and mysterious themes. [. . .] In captivating and expert prose, Master of Rods and Strings brings to life a world where the enchantment of puppetry inexorably descends into a magical perdition.”Thomas Ligotti

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Master of Rods and Strings by Jason Marc  Harris

Master of Rods and Strings

by Jason Marc Harris

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