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So, I hope the fact that we have begun posting short stories to this, little website has not gone unnoticed. We’ve been releasing a serial mosaic novel project form Julie C. Day about the cyberpunk glass of Driesch. Also, last week, we launched our more regular short story project with this fantastic horror piece from Marie Vibbert, A Sura of Blood.

I am currently working through some submissions for short stories, and a few novels, but I did want to take a moment and thank everyone who has submitted to us for consideration. And, I want to take a moment to talk about what sort of things we’re looking for in a submission.

So, thanks for sending in your stories, everyone! We really appreciate your trust and hope and hard work, and we celebrate everything that comes our way even when we can’t be the right home for it. I know we want all the written words to find a good home, even when we aren’t that home, and I hope you know we wish you all well, and look forward to future submissions.

Second, what sort of things are we actually looking for? Well, as the lead on this project, I can say that a pretty easy way to gauge my taste is to look at what I’ve already edited. That includes Evil in Technicolor, which received a star in Kirkus. This also includes The Way of the Laser: Future Crime Stories, which I co-edited. I’ve written a few things of my own, as well, and a pretty fair measure of my aesthetic is present in my books and stories, some of which are free to read on-line.

I’m really looking for short stories, not flash fiction or novelettes, but I don’t have a hard and solid rule in either direction. If your piece is novella-length, then it will be for the full press publication, and not for the short fiction submissions. My sweet spot for a short story is generally between 3,000-5,000 words, but I know I’ve seen wonderful things shorter and longer. Really, just send it in, and I’ll look at it and let you know.

It is important to me to make space for authors who are traditionally marginalized, and I strongly encourage everyone from underrepresented communities, and all racial and cultural backgrounds, and all gender identities. I really look forward to reading more and more diverse stories about diverse people in diverse worlds.

As far as content warnings, I’d prefer to see a story to judge whether it’s too much or not enough of anything before passing judgment.

And, I just want to mention that I do need to see more stories. Right now, we’re just paying $25.00 USD per story, and I know that isn’t the great temptation that a SFWA pro-sale will be, but as this project continues, individual short stories will be sold as eBooks, and possibly anthologized later on into annuals, which will also be sold, similar to what’s happening with Julie C. Day’s amazing Driesch stories. If you’d like to contribute to the project and see an increase in pay rate, I’d love to see that, too, and the best way to make that happen is to buy some of our books and ebooks! There’s some great ones right over on the sidebar, right now!

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