Signed Book Giveaway! Velocity Blues arrives on June 15th, but you can win today!

Clifford Royal Johns novel Velocity Blues drops in four short days on June 15th, but you can win one of five SIGNED copies now! Enter the Giveaway below!

Amazing Stories recently listed Johns’ sophomore album on its books to look for list, calling it “an engaging romp full of parkour and predators in the seamy underbelly of the Windy City.”

Elizabeth Hand, best selling author of Curious Toys and once Stonecoast MFA program mentor to Johns, called the novel “A thrilling amalgam of neo-noir and cyberpunk, Cliff Johns’s hyper-adrenalized new novel catapults readers into a near-future at once recognizable and startlingly strange. I read Velocity Blues in one sitting, and I suspect others will, too. Great stuff.”

Kirkus Reviews had similar praise, calling Velocity Blues “A gritty thriller that puts the downside of superpowers into bracingly relatable terms.”

Those “bracingly relatable terms” are probably what best selling author David Anthony Durham, author Acacia, meant in his review: Velocity Blues = a frenetic, futuristic gangster caper on fast-forward, with a premise you’ll wish you thought of, and a protagonist you’ll love (and want to kick on occasion). Characterization, action, and snappy lingo propel this, but there’s also a sneaky critique of society, of youth and adulthood, exploitation and rebellion woven through the shenanigans. Enjoy the ride. And try to keep up.” 

Johns’ novel is more than just a superhero, parkour, genetically modified romp. There’s something deeply important about the human condition that younger fans of science fiction will understand and older readers will appreciate.

“Johns has a keen eye for worldbuilding and captures Zip’s thought processes in frenetic, almost stream-of-conscious prose that perfectly mirrors his mental state. Readers are in for a ripping, deceptively philosophical ride.” –Publisher’s Weekly 

So, head on over to Goodreads for a change to snag an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the Velocity Blues, then head to your favorite bookstore and snag a copy. The frenetic ride with Zip across the rooftops of near-future Chicago has a view you won’t want to miss.

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Velocity Blues by Clifford Royal Johns

Velocity Blues

by Clifford Royal Johns

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