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Every once and a while, we like to take a moment to shout out all the wonderful readers who take the time to post reviews of our books! All of our titles are available wherever fine books and ebooks are sold, and we are always thrilled when readers take time to express their connection to one of our books.
For example, reader “Nonna” took a moment to post this review of WAY OF THE LASER:FUTURE CRIME STORIES:

“I got this book through their kickstarter campaign. I’m so glad I did! I read one story a day and Although enjoyed every one some I loved and have already purchased titles from some of the authors. This was the perfect read for these dystopian times!“ source Amazon

J L Henkel, writing at GoodReads, loved QUEEN OF NONE by Natania Barron, saying this: “Beautifully written tale from the legend of King Arthur. His sister, Anna Pendragon, prophesied by Merlin to be forgotten, finally has her story told—One of tragedy, loss and ultimately hope. Full of strong women characters who wield their magic for healing & revenge. Bold and inspiring!” (source).

Mary A. Turzillo raved about GALACTIC HELLCATS over at Amazon: “Unstoppable fun! with wacky twists and wild characters. Marie Vibbert is a nut-job! Where did she get these crazy ideas??? A PRINCE who needs to be rescued (we first see him getting a make-up job in order to be “beautiful,” because that’s his only role in his mother’s galactic kingdom). And who rescues him? Why, three totally mixed-up, miscellaneous, mismatched girl-heroes, each with their own little (no, big!) problems. Ki has lost her best friend, but inherits this thing called a solo-flyer (would you believe it’s a one-person space-ship?). Sort of like a motorcycle, but with FTL capabilities. Anyway, she meets up with Margot, an ex-soldier, and then there’s Zuleikah, rich as snot and full of insane ideas. So they have to rescue Prince Thane. This of course is totally misinterpreted as a kidnapping. (BTW, Prince Thane is sexy as all get-out, especially without his make-up.)

If you liked THE LUNAR CHRONICLES (CINDER, SCARLETT, and CRESS) by Marissa Meyer, this is even more fun, because it’s got wacky imagination going for it.

Where is this all going? I kept turning the pages to find out what over-the-top idea Vibbert would dish out next. Yeah, this’ll keep you entertained. And you’ll be writing fan-letters to find out when her bererk imagination next will take her–and us. Loved it. Wish it was longer.

More, Ms. Vibbert. More.” (Source)

We really appreciate everyone who takes time to let other people know about their experience reading our books. Have you read one of our books, lately? Post a review! Tell your friends!

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