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Hello all! We are always so pleased and grateful to see reviews post to major sites like GoodReads and, and more! We occasionally see ones so exciting, we feel we need to share! For example, when amazing author, Patric Sarath, posted about GALACTIC HELLCATS on GoodReads…!

I love books in which, when I close the book, I can tell the characters continue on with their lives and adventures. I love books in which I want to hang out with the characters, laugh with them, and be friends with them. I love this book for those reasons and many more. The characters are fully drawn and three-dimensional and they made me laugh (especially Ki) and made me want to give them all hugs.

Also, this book is kind. Everyone is messed up and in pain, but their kindness for each other, even when they don’t understand one another, really comes through. Vibbert does a fabulous job of taking care of her characters even when she’s putting them in danger, if that makes sense (and I think it does).

For fans of Murderbot and A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. If you like your space opera and heists and characters saving each other, then this should be your next read.

Also, dammit, I want a solo-flyer.

Or, here, where amazing author, A.C. Wise, talks about QUEEN OF NONE by Natania Barron on GoodReads…!

A wonderful take on Arthurian legend. Barron reclaims Anna, the lost sister of Arthur Pendragon, mentioned in early legends surrounding the Once and Future King, then disappearing from the story. Anna’s presence at the heart of this novel breathes new life into familiar tales, like a tapestry rewoven from existing threads to create a wholly new picture. Relationships and intrigue and struggles for power that have been told countless times are re-envisioned to create a story that feels fresh and new, like a hidden history moving behind and through Arthurian legend. Barron not only gives Anna depth and complexity, but she also reclaims other lost stories of the women in Arthur’s court to tell a fuller tale of love, magic, triumph, and heartbreak, all set against a rich and beautifully-described background. 

Remember, beyond buying the book and reading it, the next best thing any reader can do for their favorite books and authors is to post a review! Telling other people about the book is a way to help people, as well, because it helps people find new books they will love!

We have books, right now, that need your help getting out there into the world!

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