The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

By Megan Bosarge

What if you were destined to be forgotten? This novel puts a magical, literary spin on the cautionary “be careful what you wish for” tale.

When young Adeline LaRue finds herself betrothed to a man she doesn’t love, she envisions a life where she can be truly free. The night before the wedding, she calls out to the darkness, begging to be spared from her fate. When darkness turns up in human form, he offers her what she desires. He will grant her a life of freedom if she will surrender her soul once she is ready to be done with it. Addie agrees to the terms and with that, she is free.

But freedom comes at a heavy cost. Addie awakens the next morning to see her mother with a frightened look in her eyes. The eyes of a person shocked to find a stranger in her house. With that, Addie learns that her freedom has come in the form of a curse…the curse of being forgotten. Once Addie is out of view, those whom she meets forget her instantly. She is forever free, but unable to hold on to anyone or anything.

For centuries she travels the world, haunting the streets of Paris, Venice and London, stealing to survive and longing for connection. Each year on the anniversary of her barter for freedom, the darkness returns to her beckoning her to surrender her soul and end her misery. But Addie will not give him the satisfaction. She fears an eternity without purpose or passion, but one this is certain, when she leaves this world it will be on her terms.

Then one day, Addie meets a man who remembers her.

Told in poetic prose, with layers of embedded symbols and a novel that spans more than three centuries, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue makes you question what makes life worth living. Is it better to live forever, never able to leave an imprint on the world, or to have a brief but meaningful existence? And can you truly live if you’ve never loved? This novel makes you examine your purpose on this earth and the legacy you’ll leave behind.

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