The Silence That Binds by Paul Jessup Arrives!

Tomorrow, acclaimed fantasist and surrealist and author of strange fiction, Paul Jessup, celebrates the arrival of a new novel, The Silence That Binds!

This dark and lustrous novel is well in the tradition of the New Weird.

Here’s what Kirkus had to say:

“Jessup’s prose sometimes recalls Harlan Ellison at his most extravagant, invoking a lurid, elastic environment steeped in ritual yet with delirious magic as well as weird science. A space-based artificial intelligence called the Dzall figures into the equation, and some characters and entities may be robots, androids, or nanotechnology creations. Expect no firm answers or solid exposition by the time the narrative arc (a rather simple one, when all is said and done) reaches its cathartic conclusion. Just go with the vivid flow of descriptions of entropic desolation and phantasmagoric filigree: “The hollow stones were a mess of geometry on the side of the hill. Trees seemed to back away from them, and the air smelled like pine and earth and fungal things spreading out underground.”A striking tale of violence and redemption with an abundance of mysterious dream/nightmare imagery.” source:

Pick up your copy today wherever fine books and ebooks are sold!

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