We are pleased to announce the return to Arthur Pendragon’s court in Queen of Fury, a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Queen of None, for 2022!

Of course, there had to be a sequel! Consider how well-received Queen of None has been this past few months!

Just recently, none other than award-winning author A. C. Wise had this to say on GoodReads:

“A wonderful take on Arthurian legend. Barron reclaims Anna, the lost sister of Arthur Pendragon, mentioned in early legends surrounding the Once and Future King, then disappearing from the story. Anna’s presence at the heart of this novel breathes new life into familiar tales, like a tapestry rewoven from existing threads to create a wholly new picture. Relationships and intrigue and struggles for power that have been told countless times are re-envisioned to create a story that feels fresh and new, like a hidden history moving behind and through Arthurian legend. Barron not only gives Anna depth and complexity, but she also reclaims other lost stories of the women in Arthur’s court to tell a fuller tale of love, magic, triumph, and heartbreak, all set against a rich and beautifully-described background”

And over on Amazon, readers are raving!

Mindi Mitchell gives the book five stars and says:

“The lyrical writing immediately drew me in and set me right in Arthur’s family and court, but through the eyes of his oft-forgotten sister Anna. As someone who also studied Arthurian legends in college, there was both a familiarity and bright newness to Anna’s Arthurian setting. Brilliant plot twists and turns, and characters that remind us, ultimately, of the sad falling of Arthur’s kingdom before his very eyes, but with a hope of survival.”

This just adds on more praise after so much love from major review sites like Kirkus and Publisher’s Weekly!

“…a layered, engaging retelling sure to please fans of the Arthurian tales.”
— Publishers Weekly

“A captivating look at the intriguing figures in King Arthur’s golden realm.”
–Kirkus Reviews

Now’s your chance to grab Queen of None before Queen of Fury arrives in early 2022!

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