Booklist Reviews Vibbert’s Galactic Hellcats, and more!

Writing for Booklist, Terrence Miltner recently got their hands on Marie Vibbert’s forthcoming novel, Galactic Hellcats, and had nothing but good things to say. 

“Prolific short story writer Vibbert’s debut novel is a fun, fast-paced, girl-gang romp that introduces a new universe ripe for further exploration.”

— Terrence Miltner

Terrence is correct about Vibbert being prolific—and busy! She recently published a fantastic list story called “Things From Our Kitchen Junk Drawer That Could Save this Spaceship” on Daily Science Fiction, was interviewed on Z1077 FM, and revealed all sorts of interesting details about the genesis of her novel in an interview with Case Western Reserve University. 

Be sure to pre-order Marie’s new sci-fi adventure novel Galactic Hellcats, about a female biker gang in space, and leave a review on your favorite website to tell the world what you thought! 

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