Cover Reveal: Velocity Blues

“Velocity Blues is a frenetic, futuristic gangster caper on fast-forward, with a premise you’ll wish you thought of, and a protagonist you’ll love (and want to kick on occasion). Characterization, action, and snappy lingo propel this, but there’s also a sneaky critique of society, of youth and adulthood, exploitation and rebellion woven through the shenanigans. Enjoy the ride. And try to keep up.” 

– David Anthony Durham

When Zip reaches adolescence, his genetically engineered brilliance, creativity, and health slips away and he becomes an absurdly fast, frenzied annoyance that can’t focus or hold still. Unable to live with his parents or hold a normal job, he joins a group of outcasts like himself in Chicago. They do what they must to survive.

When Zip is hired by a crime boss to deliver a package, staying alive suddenly requires every bit of speed and concentration he can muster. In a world where all of his friends are criminals, who can he trust? 

Velocity Blues is high-speed parkour noir.

The race across the Chicago skyline starts June 15th, 2021.

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