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I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who took the time to post a review of one of our titles at Amazon and Goodreads and anywhere else. It’s one of the most helpful things that a reader can do for both other readers, and for the authors they love to read! Consider the impact that this five star review from will have moving forward, from Mindi Mitchell:

Mindi Mitchell 5.0 out of 5 stars 

Heartwrenching, beautiful tale bringing us back to Arthur's world through Anna's eyes

Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2020

"The lyrical writing immediately drew me in and set me right in Arthur's family and court, but through the eyes of his oft-forgotten sister Anna. As someone who also studied Arthurian legends in college, there was both a familiarity and bright newness to Anna's Arthurian setting. Brilliant plot twists and turns, and characters that remind us, ultimately, of the sad falling of Arthur's kingdom before his very eyes, but with a hope of survival.

Not only will this help other readers discover this excellent book, but it tells Natania to keep going, keep pushing on, keep making more amazing books!. It both encourages her to write more amazing books, and it encourages her books to sell more to make it worth Natania’s time and energy to do so! It tells publishers to buy more books like this one, hopefully from Natania! It only takes a moment of your time, and the impact is deep and wide!


Consider GoodReads, a premiere community of readers wherein many of you and us participate! EVIL IN TECHNICOLOR has some very extensive, well-thought-out reviews celebrating the book, again, which encourages others to go and find this book, encouraging us to do more anthologies that the people who clearly enjoyed it can then go and enjoy! Thank you to everyone who took time out of your day to post a review on GoodReads, and to share the good news with others about our books.

Author, critic, and translator, Fabio Fernandes, reached out to me looking for an early read of THE SILENCE THAT BINDS by Paul Jessup. This dark fantasy narrative travels across a cursed world, full of violence and open wounds and sacrifices. He reached out to me recently to tell me that he really enjoyed it! We’re setting up some awesome giveaways out here, and looking forward to sharing more amazing news about our titles, and reviewing more books!

“Paul Jessup is a writer but also a magician. His use of prose in The

Silence that Binds is incantatory: he builds a world full of weird and

beautiful things like bone labyrinths and ghost hearts with such

dexterity that at the same time creeps and mesmerizes us. The images

are terrifying but you can’t look away; you must bear witness to the

horrors until the end. That’s how strong his writing is.”

– Fabio Fernandes, writer and translator

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