Kirkus selects EVIL IN TECHNICOLOR for its prestigious “Best Indie Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Books of 2020” and other news

We are thrilled to announce that EVIL IN TECHNICOLOR is selected by Kirkus Reviews for the very prestigious “Best Indie Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Books of 2020” in some excellent company. Here’s a link to the full list.


Remember they gave this collection a starred review back in October? Well, this is like getting a bonus star! We are thrilled to see major review sites noticing our little publishing house even as we overcome the growing pains and adversity that will always strike unexpectedly among startup operations that are still streamlining and re-asserting our production pipeline. There was a serious issue with the print edition of Natania Barron’s QUEEN OF NONE, wherein it looked out of print, but it wasn’t actually out of print, it just broke the print distribution model we had by selling way too many copies. We shifted distribution partners very quickly, and managed to get copies printed for Quail Ridge Books in time for their special author launch event, and I believe they still have print copies available! Do contact them for a copy, now! And, we’ll be back in print at all major booksellers very soon! We’re seeing January 9th, at Amazon! So, please do go ahead and pick up one of the best modern retellings of Arthurian legends, perfect for a long winter night!

Speaking of great winter reads, GALACTIC HELLCATS by Marie Vibbert is going to be here very, very soon! Book reviewers, book bloggers, book vloggers, authors, editors, everyone, do reach out to contact us for review copies, if you haven’t already received one. We would love to see more reviews of a book that is described by Publisher’s Weekly as “Even more fun than the title suggests, Vibbert’s debut is a rip-roaring space heist that details the origins of the Galactic Hellcats gang. … With snark and hijinks to spare, this high-flying adventure is sure to entertain.” (Publisher’s Weekly, link for the full review.)

We have an amazing year coming, with three original novels, and a novella, and we’ll be working closely with the illuminating Julie C. Day on a monthly release of original short fiction that forms a mosaic of the city of Driesch, first introduced in WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES. We can’t wait to reveal more of our plans, and share these amazing stories with the world! Let’s see how many distributors we can break in the new year! If you missed out on any of our exciting titles, including WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES, now’s the time to pick them up and get ahead before you fall even farther behind the pile of awesome books we’re putting together!

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