Publisher’s Weekly raves about Galactic Hellcats

It’s official: Galactic Hellcats by Marie Vibbert is going to be a hit!

Publisher’s Weekly recently reviewed Vibbert’s high-flying sci-fi adventure caper that “details the origins of the Galactic Hellcats gang” and called it “a rip-roaring space heist . . . even more fun than the title suggests.”

Ki, a petty thief, finds herself hungry and far from home after inheriting a solo-flyer from her friend. When Ki meets Margo, an ex-military grunt who just blew a fortune in back pay on her own solo-flyer because she feels like she never saw the galaxy after spending an entire war delivering munitions in the belly of a ship, Ki thinks Margo is an easy mark. When Margot finds herself fleeing from the authorities alongside Ki, it isn’t exactly the beginning a beautiful friendship, but if they can learn to trust each other, and if the repo men, cops, and three different galactic governments don’t catch them, the Galactic Hellcats might just use their solo-fliers to carve a place for themselves among the stars.

“Tongue-in-cheek humor, delightfully absurd (if sometimes over the top) action, and heartening themes of found family keep the pages turning. With snark and hijinks to spare, this high-flying adventure is sure to entertain.”

-Publisher’s Weekly

Check out the full review here.

Although Galactic Hellcats is Marie Vibbert’s debut novel, her work regularly appears in Analog and has been featured in F&SF, Amazing Stories, and many, many other notable venues. The Oxford Culture Review went so far as to say Marie’s work is “poignant, imaginative, and approaches its subject matter with maturity and deftness. It is the embodiment of what science fiction should be.”

You can learn more about Marie here and pre-order Galactic Hellcats here.

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