Julie C. Day Returns to Driesch Every Month for a Year!

Management is very pleased to announce that Julie Day will be returning to the city of Driesch, first appearing in her story “Speculative Execution” from WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES. In this cyberpunk-ish city, consciousness is a commodity. Death detectives work with records of memories in Limm-Glass, and seek out truth inside the recorded shells of selves. Black market operators acquire and trade these perfect slaves, and man-made constructs carry backups of souls. And, every month of 2021 will have a new original story in this world, by Julie C. Day, available to read on this website, or to purchase as an eBook. And, at the end of the year, the pieces will be collected into a whole collection, exploring this dark city.

Get a jumpstart on Driesch while you can!

Want to learn more about Julie C. Day? Go here.

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