COVER REVEAL: The Silence That Binds by Paul Jessup (April 2021)!

Art by I. L. Vinokur, design and layout by ElfElm Publishing

The world is cursed. A monstrous fog consumes and remakes all things infected with the black fog. A community of Seers push back against the curse. These seers are all women who have been orphaned. They live and train together in an ancient temple past the bone labyrinth. They perform elaborate and beautiful rituals to appease the ghosts of the world, and hold back the tide of the curse.

Their leader, Naomi, is missing.

Mazi, her adopted daughter, and her friend, Talia, embark on a dangerous quest to the center of an infected city, seeking out their lost mother. Without knowing it, they enact a deadly drama as old as time, where ghost hearts, curses, wicked prophets, and seers, all wrestle with the fabric of reality, itself.

Paul Jessup is no stranger to fans of weird fiction, with critically-aclaimed work in multiple genres. We are very excited to share this new, strange vision, and hopefully introduce a whole new group of readers to Paul’s mysterious and sublime visions of the real and unreal. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in a copy for review or possible blurb!

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  1. I would love to have a review (or blurb) copy!
    (Also: I’m also interested in Queen of None, if possible!)

  2. Hi this sounds great and would love and be honored to review a copy, for an honest review. Please give me a thought. Thank you!!

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