Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam is a star among SF/F short story circles, with numerous award nominations, and a huge list of publication credits. We were ecstatic to include her excellent short story “Hammerville” in EVIL IN TECHNICOLOR imagining a kind of mash-up of all sorts of monsters and heroes from classic B-Movie cinemas mix and We are pleased to welcome Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam to talk to us about her story, “Hammerville”!

VB) Can you tell me how many monsters and heroes from classic horror actually appear in your story, and a little about them all?

Bonnie)I referenced several classic monsters and heroes in “Hammerville.” Since the story takes place in a kind of meta universe, where the classic black-and-white Dracula meets the new technicolor Dracula, we have the intersection of those two; the older Drac is more reserved and less vulgar, but delighted to be pulled into a bloodier, sexier world by his counterpart, even if he still sees the other as a rival. Then we have Professor Lee Vansing, monster hunter, a man who would do anything, including endanger his children, to defeat his foes. The two Draculas are remiss to find, however, that Vansing has moved on to hunting a trio of more interesting villains, all inspired by Hammer films: Medusa, an often-lovestruck gorgon; Roxanne, a lesbian vampire with a taste for rash decisions; and Doctor Hyde, a scientist who straddles the line between male and female with an intense curiosity about the world.

VB) How did you settle on the structure for your piece?

Bonnie) It came naturally once I realized I wanted to tell the story from multiple POVs. I started with the black-and-white Dracula, because, like the reader, he’s new to the world. Then I moved into Medusa’s POV, and switch back and forth from there.

VB) How has the pandemic impacted your day-to-day life?

Check out Bonnie’s story in WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES, too!

Bonnie) Well, I’m cooped up more, which as a work-from-home person, I didn’t think was possible pre-pandemic. So finding safer ways to get out and about has become important to me: lots of walks and outdoor movies using an old screen and projector I’ve got. I love to throw parties and go to the movies and visit theme parks, so those are the three things I miss most besides seeing my family/friends more regularly and without concern. I did recently get a new work-from-home job, which wouldn’t have been possible without the company opening up to more work-from-home employees, so that’s been one good thing going on. I’ve also been attending a lot of writing events I wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise, which has been making me feel like the writing community is still here and doing our best together.

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