Announcements: THE SILENCE THAT BINDS by Paul Jessup and FINCHES by A. M. Muffaz and EVIL IN TECHNICOLOR reviews!

Hello, to all the peoples of the internet. Management would like to take a moment to make a couple general announcements, and we thank you for your eyeballs and your attention!

Management is thrilled to announce that the untitled novel by Paul Jessup, now has a title, and should have some cover art very soon. THE SILENCE THAT BINDS is a work of weird fiction that begins with a stolen ghost heart, and ends with broken hearts. The world is cursed, and the curse seeks to merge and remake everything it pollutes. The women who fight this curse with mystical traditions and strength of bow, suddenly lose their leader. Her acolytes, struggling to survive in a terrible surge of the curse, journey into the bone labyrinth to seek hope for all the people they loved and the many they lost.

Paul Jessup is a longtime stalwart in the world of weird fiction, with dozens of acclaimed short stories and the critically-acclaimed books OPEN YOUR EYES and CLOSE YOUR EYES, GLASS COFFIN GIRLS, and WEREWOLVES: AN ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL OF TRANSFORMATION. This will be his fifth book. (He also reviews short stories around here, with a monthly review roundup.)

Management is also thrilled to announce the acquisition of a new novella by the up and coming author A. M. Muffaz. FINCHES is a beautifully-written look into Malaysian life, family secrets, and ghosts. A grandfather haunts the ruins of his home, where a sudden and unspeakable rage unleashed upon his own kin. His estranged first wife returns to the ruins of his house with her granddaughter to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs, and resolve these ghosts of the past. Expected release date is October 1, 2021.

A. M. Muffaz debuts with her first major work of long fiction. She has appeared in anthologies and numerous literary magazines, including The Dark, and ChiZine.


Yesterday three awesome reviews appeared, celebrating the anthology EVIL IN TECHNICOLOR, which is coming out in just a couple weeks on October 1!

The Portland Book Review‘s Muhammed Hassanali gave the anthology five stars and wrote: “Evil in Technicolor provides a healthy dose of scares and wonder through ten tales. In a current climate where fear pervades the narrative, this anthology provides a worthy respite from the real world and allows the reader to access escapist fictional horror and fun. Each tale leaves an indelible mark. Whether it be a grisly schlockfest or a cerebral head-scratcher, Evil in Technicolor will leave the reader with one eye open once finished. A pleasure from start to finish.”

Anastasia Gkaitatzi of the Manhattan Book Review gave the collection 4.5 out of 5 stars, and said,”Evil in Technicolor is an anthology of dark tales, a tribute to horror itself. From the classic tale of Dracula to ghosts, witches, mythological creatures, and paranormal entities, and from haunted houses to psychological scares, the ten uniquely written and adjusted to the present day stories show us what it’s like to be truly defenseless. … So, get hold of a copy of Evil in Technicolor, wait until the night falls, turn off the lights, light a few candles, and embrace the dark…”

On Twitter, reviewer Kevin Phyland (@kevinphyland) posts his recommendation of the collection: “The high quality of the stories across the board makes it hard to pick a favourite… but the Wise and Rasmussen tales have left an impression on me. I read the book straight through, but it’s probably more accessible as a chocolate box for dipping into periodically. Enjoy! RECOMMENDED”

Be sure to pre-order your copy today! It arrives everywhere on October 1, 2020, and your local independent bookstore should have no trouble ordering you a copy. Here’s a link to my own, personal favorite independent bookseller! And, here’s Barnes and Noble! Ask your favorite store, today!

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