Five Forthcoming Titles from Vernacular Books!

Folks, we’ve been busy. After Joe Neiderhoff called each story in The Way of the Laser “a wonder” in his glowing five star review for the San Francisco Review of Books, Joe McDermott has gone on to put together a standout horror anthology, Evil in Technicolor, featuring all-star talent.

“Ten spooky stories pay tribute to the wicked delights of classic and modern gothic horror fiction in this anthology… Combines aspects of horror and fantasy in this deliciously dark volume probing the depths of the unexplained and the nature of evil… Plenty of standouts are on display in this gruesome grab bag of literary terror.” -Kirkus

Evil in Technicolor is available for preorder now! 

Coming in December is, Natania Barron’s Queen of None, a King Arthur retelling that imagines all pageantry and intrigue of King Arthur’s court from the perspective of Arthur’s sister, Anna Pendragon. Forced to marry an abusive man she does not love because of Merlin’s prophecy, Anna Pendragon returns to King Arthur’s court seeking vengeance. When a latent, dark power awakens within her, she must bargain her strength, her family, and one true love against her ambition and thirst for revenge.”

Natania Barron’s work has appeared in Weird Tales, EscapePod, Steampunk Tales, Crossed Genres, Bull Spec, and various anthologies.

Queen of None is available for pre-order here. 

In March of 2021, Marie Vibbert’s novel Galactic Hellcats blasts off to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. In Galactic Hellcats, a female biker gang in space must learn to trust each other while rescuing a gay prince from a totalitarian regime on an alien planet. Inventive, fun, and fast-paced, this novel is a wild ride through a galaxy full of unforgettable characters.

Marie Vibbert’s short fiction has appeared eight times in Analog as well as in F&SF, and Amazing Stories.

In April of 2021, an untitled novel by Paul Jessup will drop on unsuspecting readers. A writer of  “Prose powerful enough that it feels fired from a shotgun” (Jon Hollins) Jessup’s work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Apex, Clarkesworld, and many other venues. This will be his fifth published novel.

Clifford Royal Johns’ novel, Velocity Blues, a near-future thriller in the spirit of William Gibson or P. K. Dick with a touch of oddball humor, will drop in June of 2021.

In Velocity Blues, when Zip, one of a group of people genetically engineered to be brilliant, creative, active, and healthy, becomes uncontrollably energetic, and his mind so frenzied and unfocused that his former genius and creativity are inaccessible, he goes from privileged, loved, and admired, to an absurd outcast and frenetic annoyance. Forced to work in the seedy underbelly of Chicago, Zip is hired as a courier to deliver a package that may contain the cure for his condition and suddenly, staying alive requires every remaining bit of concentration he can muster as he tries to figure out who he can trust, what to do with the package, and why his boss didn’t send a more reliable courier, all while struggling with his lack of focus, frantic compulsion for exertion, and desperate craving for a constant supply of food to fuel his continuous movement. Full of double-crosses and deceptions, Velocity Blues is sure to delight fans of YA science fiction and enough depth for mature readers.

Clifford Royal Johns’ first novel, Walking Shadow, was said to “entertain while asking big questions” (Maureen McHugh). Velocity Blues, is no different, drawing strong parallels to our world and the unseen systems that shape our choices and our futures. Johns’ work has appeared in many venues including Crossed Genres, Mystery Weekly, and Shimmer.

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