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Right now, today, I will be giving away four copies of WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES!Why do you need this anthology in your life?

“The Way of the Laser is a delightful compilation of SF Crime stories — murders, heists, betrayals, carried out by astronauts, robots and unsavory types of the near and far future. I love the sense of adventure in both the stories and the imaginations that conceived them. Terrific characters, action, adventure, and writing. Receiving this book is the equivalent of finally getting that ray gun and flying car the future had long ago promised.” –Jeffrey Ford

“As I read, I kept my eyes open for various stories I could mention specifically as some of my favorites. Before I was even halfway through, however, I found that was impossible. Each one is a wonder” –Joe Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review. 5 Stars.

“It’s an entertaining collection, featuring a variety of perpetrators and investigators; whether it serves to illuminate anything about the human condition is left to the individual reader to decide.” – Regina Schroeder, Booklist

It’s a simple plan.

Rule 1) Post a comment volunteering for the giveaway.

Rule 2) Share this giveaway with everyone you can!

Rule 3) I will randomly select winners to receive one of four print copies of WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES!

Rule 4) I will also select a secret number of folks to receive the eBook.

Rule 5) If more than twenty people enter this contest, I will also throw four copies of our second anthology’s advanced uncorrected proof: EVIL IN TECHNICOLOR!

Rule 6) This runs today, and tomorrow, and Sunday. By Monday, I will be ready to mail the winners things!


My hope is this can get people talking about these great books, and I hope you can help me SPREAD THE WORD!




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  1. Would love this giveaway! I love true crime books!

  2. This sounds like a book I would love! I’m happy to share it!

  3. As a reader, writer, and editor of mystery fiction, I’ll be thrilled to win a copy of this anthology and to spread the word to all contacts!

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