Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse is the Feel Good Comedy You Need During the Pandemic.

One of the first memes I saw that made me chuckle after quarantine began was a letter board on the side of the road read: I was told there would be zombies. We all expected a boom, but the world ended, or at least shut down, with a whimper. 

In Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse, the world ends with wry humor and wit. A comedy duo getting no traction in the L.A. club scene, Etta (Etta Devine) and Gabe (Gabriel Diani) start the apocalypse by eating all of the yogurt in their fridge before the expiration date. Quietly looking at each other while gunshots sound in the street, and staying put as the last radio broadcast told them to do, they wait until they have absolutely no choice to leave apartment to embark on a journey to nowhere that is just as disappointing as their previous career and life.

Despite the soil of the apocalyptic genre being well-trodden and desolate, Diani and Devine finds fresh laughs throughout. If you’re a fan Demitri Martin and Napoleon Dynamite, or other anti-heroes with no skills but remarkable insight, this is the movie for you. Filled with a motley cast of characters, Etta and Gabe have a knack for being taken in by weird, cooky, and sketchy folk they find along the road that are always just outside of what you expect from an apocalyptic road trip. I particularly enjoyed what I took to be an homage to Mel Brooks’ near the end, and when the credits rolled, my quarantine partner looked over at me and said, “That was delightful!”  

I couldn’t agree more.

If you’ve got the quarantine blues and are longing for a road trip with a dog, a cat, and friend that will make you laugh, Diani and Devine meet the Apocalypse might just be the perfect movie for you. 

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