With full hearts and hopeful spirits, Eric and I are pleased to see the final version of WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES finally and completely out into the world. We began as a Kickstarter, and turned into something much larger than any one of us could have imagined. We are so grateful to all our backers, and particularly, we are grateful for their patience while the arrival of the global pandemic threw our supply chains for a loop, and we ran way behind schedule just trying to get our orders in from our suppliers!  We are so incredibly grateful to all the authors who trusted us with their stories! We are also very grateful to all of our early readers and reviewers, who have taken time to help spread the word about our very first book, hopefully one of many more to come.

And what a book! San Francisco Book Review gave our little project 5 stars. ALA’s Booklist praised the collection, calling out stories from the slush pile as well as from Hugo-Winning Contributors. Jeffrey Ford — yes, that Jeffrey Ford! — was kind enough to read the book, and praise it:

“The Way of the Laser is a delightful compilation of SF Crime stories — murders, heists, betrayals, carried out by astronauts, robots and unsavory types of the near and far future. I love the sense of adventure in both the stories and the imaginations that conceived them. Terrific characters, action, adventure, and writing. Receiving this book is the equivalent of finally getting that ray gun and flying car the future had long ago promised.”

Also, appearing out in the world, Paul Semel was kind enough to interview the editors of the project, and we really appreciate his time and effort and support. Elsewhere in the interweb, award-winning and amazing author A. C. Wise interviewed some of our authors, and got even more insight into these amazing stories than we did, as editors!

This is our first book, from our new imprint. We have at least three more books in the pipeline — that you know about 😉 — and we are so excited to bring these new visions to life despite all the terrible things happening this year. There is a light at the edge of tomorrow, where things can get better, if we work hard and work together. We hope to be part of that brighter future with our little publishing arm, bringing new worlds and new ideas to life. Join us on this journey by picking up a copy or two of our first book! (One for you, and one for a friend!)

The most helpful thing we ask of everyone, of course, is to post reviews. I know it’s cliche to say that, but it matters. Helping other people find great books is one good thing you can do, today, to make the world a better place, with better books. So, even if you can’t, yet, review this title, go write your review of the last book you read, and help other people find good books. It’s such a small act, and such a small thing when there are so many critical issues to solve, but it only takes a moment, and the good it does for artists and authors and publishers striving to build a better dream of the future is immeasurable.

Thank you, everyone!

And, throw the confetti, and bake all the cupcakes, because we’ve got a BRAND NEW BOOK!

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Way of the Laser Ebook Cover Final

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