Early Reviews are trickling in for WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES

Howdy to all you folks staying safe and social distancing and doing the best you can.

The first thing I saw was an advance look at the ALA Booklist review coming out in June.

“It’s an entertaining collection featuring a variety of perpetrators and investigators; whether it serves to illuminate anything about the human condition is left to the reader to decide.” – Regina Schroeder for ALA BOOKLIST, June 1, 2020.

I’ve seen the whole review, and I am thrilled to say Booklist’s reviewer truly enjoyed the anthology and called out some great stories, some that were solicited and some that were picked up in the slush pile.

Also of note, The San Francisco Book Review’s Jo Niederhoff loved the anthology and gave it a five star review and couldn’t even call out a favorite story because they were all so good.

So whether you’re looking for hard sci-fi or something more wildly speculative, you’ll find something to enjoy in this collection. The settings range from Earth in the not-too-distant future to alien planets that present their own problems for human settlers, and the crimes themselves vary from your standard murder and theft to deciding whether to take care of an unauthorized baby. Even the morality of each story varies. Some have the feel of a cop drama, while others question whether the law at the heart of the story is good, and whether the criminal is even entirely bad. I’m very glad I picked this book up to review, and I know any science fictions fans will be glad they picked it up to read.

Folks, I think you might want to pick this one up and read it. And after you read it, please let other people know by posting a review to your social media, to your GoodReads, to your blog, in a phone call to your friends and family, and to the website of your favorite bookstore. If you don’t have the money right now, and a lot of people are struggling, tell your librarian about our little book and see if they can’t grab a few copies for your local library.

Thanks to our Kickstarter backers who made this enjoyable reading experience possible!


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