Galactic Hellcats, a novel by Marie Vibbert, to be released by Vernacular Books in December 2020

Vernacular Books is thrilled to announce Marie Vibbert’s Galactic Hellcats, a novel in which a female biker gang in space must learn to trust each other while rescuing a gay prince from a totalitarian regime on an alien planet, will be released in December 2020.

Ki is a petty thief. Her best friend wills her his solo-flyer—call it a space motorcycle: temperamental, fast as hell, and expensive to maintain.  Any reasonable person would sell it to get off the street, but Ki isn’t reasonable.  If the repo men, cops and three different galactic governments don’t catch her, she’ll use it to carve a place for herself among the stars.

Marie Vibbert’s short fiction has appeared in many top science fiction magazines, including eight times in Analog as well as F&SF, Amazing Stories, and other venues.  The Oxford Culture Review said of one of her stories, “It’s poignant, imaginative, and approaches its subject matter with maturity and deftness. It’s the embodiment of what science fiction should be…”

One of Marie’s stories, “Sister Thrush”, can be found in The Way of the Laser.

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