Backer Rewards Update

Thanks for your patience, everyone, while we clear off the Kickstarter To-Do list. Our first big wave of eBooks went out, last night. This one was all PDF. We should be able to handle conversions for those that want them into other file types, but just let us know what file type you need and give us a few days to get the technical details worked out.

One of the things we knew going in was we were going to learn a lot about our production pipeline from this first project, and that’s certainly the case. We should have a much better idea of how to budget our time for the next projects, so our regular updates here don’t suffer as much, in the future. We apologize for the brief hiccup in our regular schedule.

That said, we’re extremely proud of the product we’re pushing out, now, and very grateful to our Kickstarter backers to help us get to that first milestone. We will be reaching out to reviewers and bloggers and everyone we know who can help us spread the word about our exciting first anthology. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are a reviewer or book blogger. We’d love to hear from you.

Our official release for non-backers will be in June 2020. So, our backers each get to access the book three months early! We can’t wait to share this little book with the world, and look forward to seeing some early reviews.

Thanks for your patience!


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