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The final table of contents for our upcoming anthology, Way of the Laser, Future Crime Stories, is finally ready for everyone to know. We’re terrifically excited to share these stories with you. We did have some shuffling and reshuffling in our contributor list, with deadlines and scheduling issues flaring up for a couple of our all-star authors, but everything worked out in the end to produce a very strong anthology that we are extremely proud to share with the world.cb045dfe02d0b2cfab76175a229c6b8c_original

Wendy Wagner – A Child of Pilumnus

Holly Schofield – A Handful of Empty

Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam – Hearty Appetites

Caroline Cormack – Case-Solve

Patrice Sarath -Spider

Jamie Mason – Home Street Home

Mur Lafferty – A Classic English Christmas

EN Auslender – Kalopsia

Monica Evans – Our Lady of Turquoise Country

Marie Vibbert – Sister Thrush

Melanie Marotta – Transgressions

Eric Bosarge – Baby’s Breath

Karen Bovenmyer – The Nightmare Spinner

Natania Barron – Prima Nocta Upgrade

Jennifer Brozek and Katie Cord – When a Patch Won’t Do

Melissa Yi – Cardiopulmonary Arrest

Paul Jessup – Mother

Julie Day – Speculative Execution

We are working closely with our team to get the final pieces put together and laid out and ready for the world, now. Our backers will receive their rewards in March, and we will begin mailing out our review copies, then, as well. We haven’t set a firm release date for the general public, at this time, but I predict either June or July 2020, so we have some time to build the necessary buzz.

We are also pleased to announce there will be an audio book, as well. More details will be forthcoming when we have them.

So, it’s an anthology! Hooray for project #1!

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  1. Coming soon – “Spider” – Author Patrice Sarath

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