As we get close to the finish line on our first big project

Thank you for your patience with us while we are pushing through the production of our first, big anthology! I’m sure you recall the successful Kickstarter campaign? Well, we’re nearly there, now. We are putting all the last pieces together, and trying to make the final shape of things. We’ve got just two more contracts to nail down as I’m writing this, now, so I hope we can announce our final table of contents, soon.

I thought I’d take a moment to share, not only my thanks for your patience, but also to share some slush pile thoughts, as we did read quite a lot of unsolicited submissions for this anthology. Of the 168 unsolicited submissions, we read all of them – both Eric and I read all of them – and it was eye-opening. We could only find room for 7 stories, by some seriously talented and brave writers who are trusting a fledgling market with their work. That’s about 4.1% of the stories we received made it into the final anthology. We talk about numbers and statistics not to make this art form feel technical, but to point out how special it is that anyone submits, at all, anywhere, and that we keep working against those odds. I have nothing but respect for those writers that see those odds, and know it’s not a winning game, and go after it relentlessly anyway.

So, to everyone who submitted to the anthology, and did not see their work into the final round, know that I encourage you all to keep on pushing and trying and seeking ways to get better. I hope all your stories eventually find the right home.

In the mean time, I’m really looking forward to announcing the table of contents, and I can’t wait to talk more openly about all these late and long nights reading and thinking and thinking and reading and organizing things in a row.

Thanks for your patience, while we’re hammering out the last bit of details on our end!

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