Baby Yoda is a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

The world has fallen in love with the Mandalorian in large part because of his adorable little plushy sidekick known only as Baby Yoda. One look into those eyes and you know it is impossible to come back. You’ll do anything, as the Mandalorian does. 

But a loveable force-wielding insta-jedi toddler is problematic to say the least, and it’s discouraging to see fans buying so completely into the emotional appeal without questioning the existence of such a character and its effects on the cast around them. 

(Spoilers ahead!)

In Episode 2, Baby Yoda saves the Mandalorian by suspending a multi-ton beast in the air long enough for him to get a grip on the situation, demonstrating that he’s already far beyond what Luke Skywalker was capable of when he first started out. Granted, according to the show, Baby Yoda is already fifty years old, but in Episode 4, when he is surrounded by children and gleefully grasping at glowing blue fish, it’s clear that Baby Yoda IS just a toddler, which makes episode three, when the Mandalorian breaks his code to liberate the little cutie something worth considering. Jedi are famous for their mind tricks, and although no one has called the Mandalorian feeble-minded, he does follow a religion which encourages him to melt down a fortune’s worth of bounty into armor (there’s no other metal available that one could take, Rey-style, from a fallen vessel?) and makes him unable to remove his helmet in front of other people. He follows a code so he doesn’t have to make difficult decisions. He’s a devotee of a cult. In other words, the Mandalorian is the epitome of feeble-minded! Even though Baby Yoda is knocked out at the end of Episode 3, the Mandalorian is clearly under his spell.

For that matter, so is the rest of the audience! Every single one of us watching is in love with this character without questioning the greater implications of the force being present in toddlers. This isn’t going to end well. Toddlers are sociopaths who let nothing get in their way. A Baby Yoda would need the patience of the real O.G. Yoda (can we give their race a name, please?) to keep them in line. The Mandalorian is going to be used and abused. Just wait till Baby Yoda reaches the terrible threes and falls down on the floor of tiny spaceship, thrashing and flinging meteors aside because he doesn’t get to touch the controls. Baby Yoda is an id with superpowers beyond toddler cuteness, able to manipulate with Jedi mind tricks. 

And we’re all in love with it. 

Wake up, folks. Baby Yoda is a nightmare. 

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