Kickstarter Oh Plateau No!

In most Kickstarter campaigns, there comes this point where the funding slows… down… And the initial energy seems to fade into the background of the internet, and it’s hard to keep that momentum rolling! I know we have two more weeks to raise over 2000 dollars, but look how far we’ve already come! We went from just an idea about publishing something cool, to an amazing slate of authors, a slush pile brimming with possibility, and the support of nearly three dozen backers who have pledged an astonishing amount of money! So, let’s get moving past this mid-project plateau!


What’s left to consider? Well, we’re looking to raise 2,620 more dollars to make sure our contributors get paid. I know we will reach this mark. We’ve already raised more than that amount in just two short weeks. What is 2,620 dollars?

Well, if 524 people preorder the eBook, that’s it. We’re there. How many Twitter followers do we have between us? Is it more than 524? I think it is!


If 105 people pre-order the Trade Paperback and the Ebook at the level of $25 dollars, BOOM! Success! Do you know 105 people that read science fiction short stories? How many people do you know would love this if they only knew it existed?

If they don’t want to start a kickstarter account, you could just tell them to kick you the cash, and you could pledge for them, right? There’s no harm in helping each other out!

And, the most helpful thing that anyone can do, right now, is encourage others to check out this project, and encourage others to encourage others to check out this project. The way off this plateau is the way of friendship, and the way of help, so we can get to the WAY OF THE LASER: Future Crime Stories!

We’re all in this world together, and helping each other is the way to build a better future! We’re SO CLOSE!


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