Wendy Wagner: Oath of Dogs is a Murder Mystery on a Forest Moon!

Eric and I are both slowly recovering from our illnesses, so if you bribed the witch that knocked us both out, I thank you. We are both feeling on the mend, and hope to get back to work. In the mean time, let us go back to talking about our exciting first anthology. Rather, let us go back to discussing the exciting authors inside the exciting anthology…

An Oath of Dogs by Wendy Wagner is a classic science fiction murder mystery. It takes place on a company-controller forest moon, where Kate Standish goes with her service dog to find refuge and a new start against a near death experience and ptsd nearly crippled her. She is soon to discover dogs aren’t popular on Huginn, and her boss is missing presumed dead under mysterious circumstances. Within days of her arrival, a pack of wild dogs kills a man in the street, and no one has the ability to hunt them down, even if they knew what they were really up against. Soon Standish finds herself embroiled in series of intergalactic mysteries and coverups that challenges everything she thought she knew about truth, speciation, and darkness in the soul of man. Ultimately, the complicit company ties the local Sheriff’s hands and Standish has to muddle through with help from her loyal service dog and some new and old friends. It’s at once a classic science fiction story about a nefarious corporation on a new world and an exciting mystery where amateurs are the only hope against a corrupted justice system.

An Oath of Dogs is at once a thoroughly classic SF novel, familiar to any reader of the genre, but finds new territory and new themes inside this text, with a careful and considered usage of a main character reliant on her service dog, as well as more consideration for the power of friendship than the traditional romance themes. There are also plenty of interesting new ideas to consider as the native flora and fauna of Huginn find ways to integrate with the invaders, in ways that are as alien as the planet, itself.

Not only is Wendy Wagner the author of this exciting murder mystery, she is also the managing editor of award-winning Lightspeed Magazine! She is the author of over forty published short stories! She knows her way around short fiction, and knows how to structure a narrative for maximum impact with the right stakes. I can’t wait to see what she produces for our anthology!

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