The Night Calls to Kicks and Starts

Eric and I are both hitting that wall in a Kickstarter where we need to pause a minute, and reflect on our journey forward, and what lies ahead for us and you and we and me.

Importantly: We are also both currently either sick and/or recovering from sickness and we need to spend at least two days getting caught up on sleep and maybe seeing doctors or something before we push hard on into that far, black horizon, where amazing futures beckon.


In just a few short days, we raised over half the amount required to push our little project over the top! We have  elevated and celebrated our amazing team of authors, with more authors to celebrate ahead! We have banged the drum and banged the drum and banged the drum loudly and quietly and to everyone we know. We are so grateful to see this huge outpouring of support, and can’t wait to share this amazing book with all of you. As we recover, I know that the thing that drives us on is YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT!

We still haven’t told you about a few of our amazing authors. We still haven’t told you why we chose them for our first adventure in publishing.

I also know we are not quick with the many fine submissions we have received so far! We expect to respond to everyone in some capacity before January 1.


We are entering the home stretch. Take a breath. Take a moment. Meditate if that’s something that helps you. Prepare for this last, big push. I believe there are more people who would love to contribute to this anthology project if they only knew it existed. Please, take a moment and think of anyone you know that might want to hop on board the crimewave. We appreciate all the amazing acts of kindness that carry all the best dreams and desires a little bit farther on.

In the mean time, while we are coughing and resting and trying not to get worse, please go out and ring that bell! We’re counting on you to help us reach our goal!


Thank you,

joe and Eric

PS Not only are we both sick, but Eric lives in Maine and I live in Texas, so it’s obviously some sort of wicked witch curse upon our venture. If you know the wicked witch, could you please threaten her with a bucket of water, so we can get back to work?

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