With 30 backers, we are pleased to announce the mystery author that is joining our already award-filled roster of authors for The Way of the Laser: Future Crime Stories: Pioneering podcaster, award-winning author, and household name in genre circles, MUR LAFFERTY!

We are pleased as punch to include Mur Lafferty in our project, and look forward to seeing what she produces for this exciting anthology. As an author, her novel SIX WAKES is exactly up our alley, as it is a locked room mystery set on a spaceship with clones. In fact, when we were thinking of what we wanted to do for our first project, one of the books that got me thinking about this whole notion of crime in the future was my thoughts about SIX WAKES as a perfect example of why this is a subject worthy of serious and fun exploration. On the one hand, as technology to produce clones with copied memories can potentially come on-line, so many ethical questions arise out of the use of that technology, and SIX WAKES created a locked room mystery with clones solving their own murder in the isolation of deep space to try and work through some of the ramifications of the technology, it’s potential uses for good or ill, and what about humanity is indelible in the face of so many strange new ways to harm each other. It’s exactly the argument for why this anthology is worthy and should be very exciting, indeed.

We are so thrilled to include Mur Lafferty in this project, and I know we can’t wait to read what she writes and to share it with all of you.

Because our exciting contributors’ list just got that much more exciting, head on over to the Kickstarter page and make your donation today! Donations are just a nice way of pre-ordering the book, really, and enough pre-orders will be enough to make it all happen for us and for other readers to discover how awesome this anthology is going to be.

We are over halfway to our goal, and grateful to all the support of our diverse community of readers, writers, fans, artists, and everything and everyone in between. We couldn’t do this without you. We just have a little bit further to go until we can start talking about exciting stretch goals.

You do want to talk about stretch goals, right?

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