“Homelessness is a State of Mind” a teaser by Jamie Mason

Unhoused? Displaced? You shouldn’t lack for privacy and comfort. Introducing dDom, the Digital Domicile: a hand-held, 3-D holographic projector and Internet interface that affords you privacy on the street. Simply choose your spot for the night, hit a button and watch a digital cube materialize around you, shielding you from the world*. dDom’s unique design offers full-surround virtual privacy. There’s even a temperature regulator to give you a few extra degrees of heat or cool! While away your homeless hours in privacy, enjoying the latest movies on digital streaming. Check your e-mail or browse your favorite social media sites! dDoms come with ultra-fast Internet connectivity, a back-up power source and a recharge interface. Pick yours up courtesy of the central government at your local housing office today!

* – Product does not shield user from the elements

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