Professional writing critiques available on Kickstarter

Way-of-the-laser-final-5-w-flareAspiring Masterminds of the art of speculative fiction looking to expand their library with works of literature and get feedback on their work have an exciting option in our Kickstarter campaign: the Mastermind level. Eric and I are both experienced authors with professional sales, we both hold MFAs from the Stonecoast Program of the University of Southern Maine, and we both work by day as educators. We made a special level just for author aspirants looking to get some feedback from the dynamic duo running the show, over here. We will not only reward your support with a copy of the book and other rewards, but you can show us what you got and get a professional look-see on your work. We will go over it line by line and look for opportunities where you can improve the narrative to bring out what is best in the text. Hopefully, we can help you lift yourself up to that next level as a writer. We can also provide general advice about directions you are trying to go, and any pitfalls and perils along that path.

It’s just one more opportunity to find the right level for you in our exciting Kickstarter, and I hope we can fill every slot by the end of the month! We have come so far, but we aren’t all the way! Please share this opportunity with any writers or writing groups you know, and help spread the word!


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