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There’s something about Jamie Mason’s writing that brings me all the way back to my childhood when a new Dirk Pitt novel by Clive Cussler was on the news stand every time my parents brought me to the grocery store. That was the first series that taught me reading could take me places. Cool places I instinctively knew I may never see, like the bottom of the ocean or an underground river flowing beneath a desert, a Martian moon. Mason’s writing has all the force of the great thriller and adventure novels I cut my teeth on, but besides the magic and mystery, there’s something else readers may discover, which I noticed it when I met Kezzie of Babylon’s title character. You see, I was raised in a religious household that danced on the irrational fringe borders of a cult. Kezzie has all the hallmarks of people that scared me to my core as a child: eyes that bored into you as they delivered details of brimstone and fire, full of the conviction that only comes from mental illness combined with the certainty of unshakable faith. To the wondering child, all of these fantasies are not only possible, they are regarded as fact. And yet the delivery from Kezzie was so utterly true to my experience, I had to put the book down several times and wipe away memories. 

Looking back, all of Mason’s characters hit the same note of verisimilitude with readers, from the teleporting “Doorways” or space epic Echoes, (a novel with the best prologue I’ve ever read) or “Eclipsed Seasons” (which bears a strikingly pleasing resemblance to Cheever’s “Reunion”) or post-apocalyptic Gavin’s War. To read Jamie Mason’s work one must be willing to journey anywhere, to any time, and know that it’s possible to encounter the most terrifying characters the next day as you walk down the street. They say Shakespeare’s characters are crystal timepieces, able to fit in any history because of their archetypes. There’s more than a little of that in Mason’s stories.  

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If you want to learn more about what Jamie Mason, check out our interview with the author here.           

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