A Letter from the Editor: Kickstarter United

It has come to our attention that there has been some dispute between Kickstarter and its employees in regards to unionization; specifically the firing of two employees. We were unaware of the dispute between workers attempting to unionize when we started our Kickstarter campaign and fully support the right of workers to organize. 

We have been working closely with Kickstarter to develop and refine our project and marketing plan over the last month and have been extremely satisfied with their knowledge, resources, and service. For some business models, the services they provide are invaluable. 

Some of you have expressed that we, along with others in the creative community, should boycott Kickstarter because of this dispute. While we certainly respect that opinion, this is in opposition to what the union has expressly stated. Because of this, we have decided to stick it out and see our campaign to the end. After The Way of Laser: Future Crime Stories campaign has concluded, we will reevaluate our relationship with Kickstarter in hopes that the dispute has been resolved amicably and to the satisfaction of the Kickstarter United. 

As a teacher, I know how important unions are and believe in them. Workers and employees, especially in the creative community, need to stick together. We’ve stuck by the creative community over the years by buying subscriptions, supporting authors and sharing their projects on social media, and most recently by writing reviews to help readers find books worth knowing about. We hope you will extend your support to our project by pledging, donating, and sharing our project

Thank you.


Eric M. Bosarge  and Joe M. McDermott

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