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Eric and I have been on this road for ten months, trying to build up to something bigger and bolder. We need your help to push this Vernacular Book thing up to the next level.

THE WAY OF THE LASER – FUTURE CRIME STORIES has an astonishing table of contents, and we’re open for submissions to fill in even more great stories. We want to make this the best anthology we can make, and that means asking for your help backing the project.

It used to be if someone wanted to mug you, they had to look you in the face and make a threat. Not anymore. Hackers can wipe a bank account without ever having to risk drawing blood. Bad people use technology for personal gain. Nothing’s new about that. What is new is the ways technology opens up opportunities for exploitation.

New technology is coming on-line all the time, creating new opportunities for creative criminals and dissidents. Stolen elections, companies held hostage by hackers, and acts of terror have all been committed with technology that didn’t exist a few short years ago.

Join leading edge speculative fiction authors on an exciting walk into darkness where people and machines plunder, cheat, kill, and steal in ways we can’t even imagine with tools that may not even exist, yet. But, they’re coming.

They’re coming for us, and all we hold dear.


Art and Design by Sean Leddy

In addition to the contributing authors below, this anthology will have a limited number of slots open for submissions from the public. Check out our submissions information here: We welcome submissions from authors who are from traditionally under-represented communities, and also authors writing about non-traditional gender situations of all kinds.

Contributing Authors:



Eric M. Bosarge

Eric M. Bosarge is the author of two novels, both published by Medallion Press. His first novel won the Maine Literary Award. He has interned at the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance and has an MFA from the Stonecoast program at the University of Maine. He is a high school teacher and adjunct for Southern New Hampshire University.

Joe M. McDermott

J.M. McDermott is the author of nine critically-acclaimed books, and dozens of short stories. His work has been on numerous year’s best lists, including’s Book Blog, BookSmugglers, and He holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston, and an MFA in Popular Fiction from the Stonecoast program of the University of Southern Maine. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his family.

WAY OF THE LASER: FUTURE CRIME STORIES is a new anthology from our new small press, Weighing in at around 100,000 words, it’s guaranteed to be worth your hard earned money. Available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook in March 2020 wherever finer books are sold.

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