Breaking: Mystery Author joins Way of the Laser Anthology, will be revealed after 30th backer pledges support

By Emilia Barrett

In a shocking turn of events, a Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick award finalist signed on to upstart Vernacular Books’ debut anthology, The Way of the Laser, joining Kameron Hurley, Patrice Sarath, Wendy Wagner, Ross Lockhart, et al.

“There’s a shocking amount of talent on that table of contents,” the author said on their award winning podcast. “And it’s a great idea. I love writing to a prompt. I can’t wait to introduce this to my listeners. This one is worth paying for. On the plus side, it will get me to sit down and write something, rather than recording while walking. I’ve always got something else going on.”

The Way of the Laser was recently marked as a project Kickstarter loves. To find out who the mystery author is, be sure to pledge your support and reserve your copy of what one author said is “a dream come true. If you’re a writer, pony up fifty bucks for their critique. I can’t wait to work with these editors.”

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