Revisited: Ancient Aliens Season 3 – Episode 4: Lost Cities of Gold

So, I don’t want to neglect my odd little pet project completely. This quirky program that has been on the air since the 90s exploring these odd ideas that aliens have been on earth a long time, influencing human society, I think, takes on a new meaning when one considers the Skeksis and Mystics of Thra (who will become the UrSkeks) are actually Thra’s very vision of Ancient Aliens! They came from the stars with advanced knowledge, and shape Thra to their will, taking what resources they desire. In one sense, Ancient Aliens is trying to reveal the truth of the Skeksis with our culture’s version of “dreamfasting” – television.


Mask: anonymous, Photo: Andreas Praefcke [Public domain]

This episode was fairly bland, and very shiny, and actually managed to bring on some real scientists and teach the origin of gold in the universe, and how modern scientists are able to forge gold in nuclear reactors. So, the interesting science stuff that many would probably have learned from this show include the use of gold as a way to stave off stellar radiation in space travel, the nature of gold as an excellent conductor of electricity that does not react with other materials, and how modern science can forge small amounts of gold during nuclear reactor activity, though it is hardly cost effective as digging giant holes in the ground or recycling old computer parts. In fact, it may be more cost effective to seek out an alien world and genetically engineer the native flora and fauna to become perfect gold miners (?). Or, are these genetically manipulated locals somehow workers in these big, stone factories that we believe are ancient tombs, but are, in fact, structures designed to create gold in abundance(?). I don’t know, I’m having a hard time picturing the cost benefit analysis of these ancient alien overlords, and why, if they have the technology to secretly engineer humanity and other sorts of chimeras for many thousands of years, why they wouldn’t just build a series of autonomous digging and mining bots to go get the gold in them there hills, as one does.

Okay, so ancient aliens liked gold. We like gold, too. Gold has many engineering uses. Okay, but why, then, is that the big draw of bringing aliens to our planet? The argument the series is making is that they came here to engineer humans to be workers to help them get gold. Also, in pre-colonial societies, the abundance of gold was thrown into lakes for the secret alien overlords – who are described as gods by their primitive societies – so the ancient alien overlords can take our golden horde for their own purposes. But, my question, then, is why is there so much gold lying about, like in the Chateau in France where the old Visigoth horde is probably buried somewhere?

None of the argument threads ever seem to really wind together into a cohesive whole. But, it is shiny, and moves fast, and asks ridiculous rhetorical questions.

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