Fallout Continues After Amazon Chief Bezos Named as Skeksis

By Emilia Barret

It was chaos in Thra this week as threaders dropped away from indie publishers, editors, and writers face’s as the Gelfling’s outmaneuvered Amazon’s death grip.

“Gelfling (fledgling) publisher speaks true. We will fight by your side,” said the Ascendancy, murmuring something about Weightless Books and .mobi files.

Upon hearing of the news, Aughra said, “It’s time to make (her) move. Amazon evil spread, hmm. I made so many mistakes. It’s time I right some. Hmm.”

Upon further questioning, Aughra boasted of her tell-all book due out next month, after the orrery syzygy. 

It’s exclusively available through Kindle Unlimited.

Hmm indeed.

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