Revisited: Ancient Aliens, Season 2, Episode 5 – Aliens and the Third Reich


V2 Rockets, POSSIBLY ALIEN! AElfwine [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Strap in, ladies and gentlemen, because this week’s episode is safety-rails-off-pile-of-bananas-on-top-of-bananas-bananas!



So, okay, the theory, here, is that there was an alien spacecraft crash in Freiburg, Germany, just at the beginning of the Nazi-era in Germany.

(Total aside: I’ve been to Freiburg as a tourist, and it’s absolutely lovely. I saw no evidence of Alien technology or visitations. I hiked up from the old medieval city and through the hills and mountains from the old hilltop fortress of Freiburg to the neighboring city of Titisee, where a huge lake of glass reflects the sky to the edge of the horizon, and it was glorious and unspeakably beautiful, and I can’t stress enough how lovely the whole experience is. I mean, if I was an ancient alien from across time and/or space, this is exactly where I’d want to be on my interstellar camping trip. I highly recommend travelers to Germany seek the Black Forest with a swing through Freiburg to Titisee.)

Apparently, Germany was this unstoppable machine of advanced technology that was poised to take over the world pursuing a genetic master race theory that ties into elements of previous episodes of Ancient Aliens that suggest aliens are breeding us, for some nefarious reason, into what they want us to be.  Their rockets were so innovative because they had alien help. Their scientists were so advanced because they had alien help. They even, secretly, admitted as much verbally to Americans that eventually questioned them. No documentation, no confirmation of stories, just, you know, one guy heard one thing and said it, and took it literally, whether the speaker of dry German humor may or may not have meant it as a joke or not.

Apparently, German scientists also were developing a sort of vacuum-cleaner hovership, that sucked air to rise into the air. It was very effective up and down, but probably much harder to deal with on the lateral, like a giant hovercraft. It was a bell, and – dum dum DUUUUUM – all the scientists involved in this object, along with the object itself, mysteriously disappear or die at the end of World War II!


Wernher Von Braun, a living monster who got his knowledge from ALIENS and also worked for NASA after the war. Picture courtesy of NASA.

The lack of actual, confirmed evidence is no barrier to presentation on the show.

I would like to add that the very text of the show, itself, presented Nazi Germany as an unstoppable force. Yet, they were stopped. German technology at the time was so far ahead of everyone else, except that’s also not, exactly true, exactly. They were stopped, you see. They died miserable and broken and ashamed, their fearless leader committing suicide in a hole in the ground, and the mark of infamy so deeply ingrained upon their active Nazi members that their very name is synonymous with profoundly evil acts. By comparison, no one thinks of the Japanese Empire as synonymous with evil incarnate. The emperor’s family, in fact, still make news with their weddings and funerals in the same way British royalty do. So, unstoppable is not true. Their technology was not so amazing. Yes, some of their research came over to America and became part of the Atom Bomb, but that had nothing to do with the American weaponry and industrial machine that won in Europe. No atom bomb fell, there. So. No, goofy television show. If ancient, powerful aliens were helping the Third Reich, it didn’t help much, in the end. So, these aliens must not be all that.

Moving on: The connection between Nazi Germany and the occult is apparent to casual researchers. Like many rich and power-hungry colonialists of their time and place, they sought mysticism out as a source of power and amusement. Members of the Nazi party sought out artifacts of history and legend. Now, this is also sort of related to the confiscation of all that Jewish property in the form of art and cultural artifacts. The Reich wanted to own the symbols of power, because that was all that propped up their power. They wanted to own and control the flow of culture as part of some experiment in human development towards their Master Race. I don’t think, necessarily, that any of the Nazis truly believed in the mumbo jumbo spiritualist stuff as anything more than a lark or a fun mystery. What was true was that in Europe – Old, Pre-Industrial Europe – religious and mythic artifacts could be used to shape the narrative of power. I doubt they were seeking “alien artifacts” so much as they were seeking “anything that can be sold to the dumb populace as evidence of our superiority”.

All that aside, I found this to be the first episode that was just dumb and offensive and bad. It was using this horrible mark of awfulness upon time and recent history – a mark that still hurts because the symbols of hate are still utilized for hate – to  paint a picture of ridiculousness that doesn’t seem to try as hard to stand up. The connections are all hearsay. The evidence of such a recent supposed alien influence event was far, more tenuous than other episodes that dealt with lost civilizations. One would think the evidence for a recent event would be even easier to secure? In the end, I was left merely blah about the whole show for falling into the trap of Godwin’s Law. Of course, it has to be Nazis, eventually. Every crackpot on the internet falls back on the Nazis, given enough space and time to chatter about the place.




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