Revisited: Ancient Aliens Season 2, Episode 2

Eric has decided he’s had enough of this fine television series, and I have definitely not. Ride out with me as I continue learning about all the strange ways ancient societies were shaped by hidden alien masters!

Heinrich Schliemenn, Discoverer of Troy. (Possibly an alien-human hybrid.)

In the beginning, no that’s too far back… In the nineteenth century, an amateur anthropologist decided to go looking for the site of Troy, the ancient city of Homer’s Illiad. He went to Turkey, and despite everyone doubting him located an ancient city that might probably be Troy. If this is true, why can’t other stories be true?

I’m going to pretend for a minute that this isn’t a logical fallacy that we can drive a spaceship through, but I can’t actually do that. I really have to stop and dwell on this otherwise random intro that tries to argue that if this one thing is true, other things are also true. Which is a logical fallacy, of course, and also built upon a myth, itself. Heinrich Schleimen went to one of the oldest civilized places on Earth, and looked for signs that clearly signify a city would be there, when walled cities would be positioned in such places. He found one. Whether it is Troy or not is not really known. No one wrote ‘Odysseus was here!’ upon the walls, and there was no evidence of a giant, wooden horse. Ergo, the idea that this is Troy is already a bit hard to prove. It is a city, yes. It is a very old city, yes. It is located in a place that could be consistent with the written record of the text of Homer. There is no promise that it is, in fact, the Troy of the text. Now, to take that even farther, and to say, “Okay, we found one ancient city based on things written down in an old book!” and jump to the literal truth of a Zeus who had thunderbolts and flung them down from on high like missiles is… Interesting. The presentation of the gods as aliens also stumbles.

So, the gods of myth are presumed to be aliens. This is a show that is here to tell us that they are all aliens. I get that, and it’s a fun story and it’s told in a fairly entertaining way, but… Gods didn’t just appear whole cloth at one point in human history. There were phases of growth and change where gods emerged and were brought into the accepted pantheon of a culture, and even then the role those gods and goddesses performed shifted. There is a brief mention of the time when the Romans brought the Greek gods wholly into their own cultural hegemony. They don’t really talk about how there was actually a record of that moment in Rome, and it was a big, conscious decision with a big feast that was full of symbolism and ceremony, and no aliens were present in the records. Just statues.

HERCULES DOING HERO STUFF! (Obviously an alien/human hybrid…)
By Morburre – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Okay, so the wonky knowledge of history and anthropology aside, what’s actually very interesting is the concept of “heroes” and “giants” as ancient human DNA strains that have been altered by alien genetic manipulation. This is where I think no one is even considering in their research into the human genome and the human family tree. How do we find evidence of DNA manipulation in ancient civilizations? What would that even look like? The stories of giants and great heroes, all of them superhuman in their form and prowess, do spread across the globe. Great men do tend to spread their genetic material farther and wider in the annals of history. If a hidden alien caretaker were involved in human development, one of the places we would find evidence is in the myths and stories that grew out of the heroes and oddities of human history. The physical evidence of very large skulls and bones from the Lovelock Cave paint a picture of ancient societies as stranger and more varied than the story of history permits.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The episode also discusses the Carnac Stones, for some reason, and one of our intrepid Ancient Astronaut Theorists walks among them, leading the way to a total non sequitur in the episode that doesn’t seem to connect to anything in the larger thesis. They are very interesting rocks, indeed. There are definitely interesting questions about how these very large stones were so precisely placed by societies that did not have graphing calculators and aerial photography. But, the only idea that is presented is that they must have been physically lifted and put in place by the mythical alien/human hybrid giants. Naturally, humans alone could not be capable of any ingenuity or genius.

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